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No one can predict how long the restrictions will be in place, we hope that by the end of the year we will be able to have a date that is acceptable to all World Scouting members.

Because of the uncertainty of a date for JOTT during 2020 we have said that for this year we shall leave the date open ended. This will allow Scouts across the world to manage an event to fit into their programme once scouting restarts in its usual format. We are not allowed to take part in any face to face activities, however there is no reason why individuals, or family members living in the same household cannot use their allocated daily exercise to participate in their own JOTT.

The ethos of JOTT has always been for Scouts to partake in a hike in any way that they can, in their own way. Everyone will be hiking the same direction, towards a better future through Scouting.

This is an unprecedented time and as Scouts we need to be prepared for all eventualities, individuals are still Scouts and members of a Worldwide organisation. Whilst taking part in whatever way they can, they should be encouraged to be thinking of others like themselves, also doing a hike in these challenging times.

The time, place, and content of JOTT has always been left to the discretion of the County, District, or Group to organise in a way that suits their membership. It will be up to your Leadership to determine whether your membership have sufficiently justified the criteria to earn the commemorative badge.

Our first concern is obviously the health and safety of Scouting members and their families. We all need to follow government guideline about social distancing. This will be something your Leaders will need to explain to their members, along with setting out the criteria for what is required to complete JOTT. If you have any concerns about running this years JOTT regarding the safety of your members and their families do not do it.

JOTT will happen in some form, the form will depend on what individual groups decide. The only thing we cannot guarantee is a date that will be suitable for all.

It is understandable in these difficult times that whilst we want to offer activities for our membership to take part in, we need to know that no individual shall be exposed to this awful virus. Some Groups are taking part on the 9th May as individuals whilst others are waiting to see how things progress.

Update from David Wiebe – Hikechief

Jamboree on the Trail and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our first concern is obviously the health and safety of Scouting members and their families.

We are monitoring the situation and we will change the date of our event to focus on when it is safe to do so.

The date can be pushed out to a later date (open ended depending on the needs of your Section, Group or Scouting organization) depending on the advice of Worldwide Scouting Organizations, the WHO and your local governments.

We have only had one rule for participation that you go for a hike, please participate in whatever way that you can whenever you can.

We will keep you informed.

Details will be posted on this page or at our website at –

Yours in Scouting

David Wiebe – Hikechief

See you on the trail.

New Badge for 2020 is now avaiable.

New registrations for 2020 are now being added.

Last updated 07/05/2020

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